January 8th, 2002

Sparky, computer & long-time friend of Mikel J. Fisher, went the way of all technology and passed into Silicon Heaven early Tuesday morning at its residence in Carbondale, IL.  An autopsy indicated Sparky died in its sleep of a massive BIOS failure.

Sparky was built in early January, 1996, to Mikel's specifications, and served as his personal assistant and data manager.  It began service as a simple work station, for educational and recreational use.  After the addition of a modem, Sparky joined the Internet community, becoming a member and advocate of the Seti@home program, processing more than 300 work units.

Sparky joined in networking union to BigScreen in May of 2001.  Sparky is survived by BigScreen, a monitor, a keyboard, a printer, and a pet mouse.

Sparky was a member of the Church of the Good Processor.  Services were held January 9th, 2002, at ROM & RAM's funeral home, 1001110101 Hard Drive, Cyberspace.  Reverend Mike R. O'Chip officiated.  Sparky was a member of the part donors program.

I know what you're thinking... there's no such thing as Silicon Heaven, but remember this:

"No silicon heaven? Where would all of the calculators go?"

-- Kryten the android, Red Dwarf