Star Wars Reader's Timeline

The Reader's Timeline is divided into Eras, based on the film eras (Prequel, Original Trilogy, and Sequel), at least until new eras for Canon are established, if at all.
Please note that for movie adaptations, "Kids Book" refers to the junior novelizations, such as those published by Scholastic, and that they are probably the closest adaptations of the films. Please note that adapatations are considered canon only where they correspond to the films. As this is a reader's timeline and not a viewer's timeline, adaptations of the films and television episodes are included even when they're not 100% screen-accurate.
Though the timeline uses years, they're not meant to definitively state a work occurred in that year. They're just a means of classification based on calculations from works and events that are known to occur in certain years. Ultimately, the order works are listed in is the order in which they should be read to watch events unfold.

Some terms:
BBY indicates dates prior to Star Wars Episode IV.
SW4 indicates dates during Episode IV.
ABY indicates dates after Episode IV.
A range of dates (i.e. 4 ABY-6 ABY) means a story could have occurred anywhere within, and I haven't yet narrowed it down, or is spans a large time period.
A ~ before a date (i.e. ~2 BBY) means the story occurred at about that date.
TPB means Trade Paperback.

Prequels Era Original Trilogy Era Sequels Era

Note: The Timeline format has changed, explanation here.

You will note that overlapping materials, primarily books, have references to "Scenes" as opposed to pages. Pagination varies by edition, paper- vs. hardback, etc. and is thus unreliable. For the purposes of this timeline, a Scene is a section of material up to a given dividing point, such as a gap like the break below:

Or denoted by asterisks, lines and other dividers, such as below:

* * *

Scenes are counted from the beginning of a chapter, when present, or from the beginning of the book or short story (as in some e-books). Sometimes there are errors in splitting scenes between hardcovers, softcovers and omnibus versions of novels. I use hardcover versions of books whenever possible as a personal preference, including omnibuses of paperback series. Whenever I notice an error between versions, and it would affect the timeline, I note the error. So far, the errors I've found are of little to no consequence, or would only disrupt the counting of scenes. In a worse-case scenario, a splitting error would be at a pivotal point where another work would be inserted. Again, I'd make a note of these in the timeline to narrow it down. If you happen to find an error in the timeline, particularly one caused by a scene splitting error, or counting error, please bring it to my attention using the e-mail address provided on the FAQ page or tweet it to @ReadersTimeline on Twitter.

Comics pose a small problem, namely no obvious scenes. Pagination is therefore used, and in some cases, reference to text/panel insets, panels or a change of locale. I'll try to be as precise as possible and apologize in advance for variances within the timeline. There are several cases where I have a trade paperback and couldn't tell where individual issues begin and end. In those cases, the reader will have to count pages. Advertisement pages and covers are not counted.

Links to outside sources within the timeline are the last known working links to those sources. If a link's broken or you know of an updated link please contact me.

This section was last updated September 2, 2023
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