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The Reader's Timeline is under construction (as always) and far from a "complete" source of everything written in or about the Star Wars universe. It is not meant to be a definitive timeline of literature, just a reading order as if you were watching events unfold in a galaxy far, far way.

The Reader's Timeline - The timeline itself, with a guide for its use and interpretation.

Bibliography - A list of sources cited or used in the timeline.

FAQ - A compilation of frequently asked questions and other information regarding the timeline, plus contact info.

History - A history of updates to the timeline.

Links - Useful Star Wars links to other timelines, podcasts, and Star Wars related sites.

Legends Timeline - A timeline of Legends (formerly Expanded Universe) literature, maintained for those who are interested.

Disclaimer - These pages are fan-based and have no relation or direct connection whatsoever to Disney, Lucasfilm, or their subsidiaries and affiliates, aside from a love of the Star Wars universe. All copyrights are the property of their respective owners and no infringment is intended.

All book, comic & other media items listed in the following pages should be considered to have the words "Star Wars" preceding them.

Links to outside sources within the timeline are the last known working links to those sources. If a link's broken and you know of an updated link please contact me.


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This section was last updated September 2, 2023