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Jorca Badagar

Badagar is a Jedi student who resides on Yavin 4.

Check out Badagar's character sheet here!

Some of you may have observed that I have a Force skill that isn't in the book, called Resist Sleep. Its purpose should be obvious.


Badagar has a journal of his adventures!  From time to time, I'll post links to his journal entries on this page, so remember to check back every now and then for updates on the exploits of this young Jedi wanna-be!

Badagar's Background
Badagar's First Journal Entry
Second Journal Entry
Third Journal Entry
Fourth Journal Entry
Fifth Journal Entry
Sixth Journal Entry
Seventh Journal Entry

Unfortunately, the Seventh Entry was the last entry.  My move to Springfield separated me from the gaming party and the campaign has since been discontinued.  It is possible the campaign may resume, and I'll be able to do more with Badagar, in which case, I'll post more entries as they are available.

This section last updated June 30, 2004

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